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I am an amateur photographer who travels with camera whenever possible. Here are a few selected shots of scenic hot spots across America- from coast to coast. Though I live in the Philadelphia area, my photographic heart is in the Western US. It has roads with little traffic, natural wonders with few crowds, no telephone lines or signs to muck up your view, and hard blue skies more often than not!

Click on any of the thumbnail pics in the imagemap below to enter the gallery and get a full size version of the photo. Once you access any photo, you can view the rest in "round robin" fashion by clicking on navigation arrows.
Mt. St. Helens Yellowstone Canyon Golden Gate Bridge Children at Washington Monument Chicago Aerial View Rainbow Bridge Statue of Liberty 100th Anniv, NYC Boathouse Row, Philly Grand Canyon DisneyWorld Fireworks Garden of the Gods Joshua Tree Nat Mon

Joshua Tree Nat Mon|Golden Gate|Mt.St.Helens|Yellowstone|Garden of the Gods|Rainbow Bridge|Grand Canyon|Chicago|Washington, D.C.|New York City|Philadelphia|Florida

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